Environmental Consulting Services

With environmental sustainability at the forefront of our mission and due to the large demand in our local area, we offer environmental consulting services to help you navigate your options to choose the best solution for your property and ensure that your project is compliant with local regulations.


Stormwater Management 

Any water that runs off your yard carries soil, debris, fertilizer, and pesticides into neighborhood storm drains and ditches that lead to local streams, rivers, drinking water reservoirs, and the Bay. These substances can harm living organisms, habitats, and water quality. Reducing runoff from your property minimizes these problems.


Critical Area Mitigation 

Mitigation targeted to restore and enhance the buffer to reduce erosion, filter runoff, and combat invasive species.


Buffer Management Plans

Typically, as a condition of your permit, you will need to do some planting in the Buffer on your property. The local planning department will require that you submit a Buffer Management Plan to satisfy this condition and we can help you create this plan. 


Permit Assistance 

If you need a permit, we offer filing assistance where we help you fill out/provide the necessary information for your permit(s).