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Creating Functional Landscapes

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of "creating functional landscapes"

During Brennan’s last semester of college, he completed an internship focused on the impacts of land development on the natural environment and the ways landscapers solve environmental problems. He recognized a list of common landscape issues that plagued properties and waterways in our local area. Some of these issues included bare lawns, erosion, runoff, and mismanaged rain gardens. These problems have been known to create eyesores and lead to more issues downstream, yet standard landscape practices often fail to remediate them. With the assistance of Jaimie, Brennan coined the phrase “Creating Functional Landscapes” with a call to action to adapt landscaping techniques and mitigate these common issues. It’s still debated today on who said it first, but regardless they both can agree on one thing, it ignited the spark to rebrand the company.


Since then their mission has been to raise the landscaping industry standards and challenge the industry to be more environmentally conscious. They are dedicated to designing sustainable, long-lasting, and functioning landscapes that help mitigate environmental problems caused by land development.


as a certified

chesapeake bay landscape professional

we have a comprehensive understanding of stormwater management practices. Our mission is to design and install solutions with an adaptive approach for long-term success. Providing functional ecosystems services is at the forefront of our design process.


cre\at\ing  func\tion\al  land\scapes

is a sustainable landscaping approach that integrates beauty, durability, green infrastructure, and functionality into landscape design. Our main objective is to synchronize green infrastructure within outdoor living spaces to create landscapes that serve multiple functions for our client’s lifestyle as well as the local ecosystems.

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"The link between what happens on land and the conditions of our waters cannot be overlooked."


the nine major river watersheds that drain into the Chesapeake Bay


sustainable landscaping techniques are important to us

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States and the third-largest in the world. All of our clientele are located within the watershed region, which is comprised of 64,000 square miles of land that drains into the Bay and provides about half its water volume in the form of freshwater through runoff. Additionally, the Bay supports more than 3,600 species of plants and animals. This means our landscape practices have a direct influence on the Bay’s health and the plant and animal species it supports. We are raising the landscaping industry standards and challenging our industry to be more environmentally conscious. 

by practicing best management techniques we can help directly mitigate:

Invasive Species

Polluted Groundwater


Stormwater Runoff

Chemical Contaminants

Depletion of Forest Buffers